Call tracking system that enables
Effective Recording Measuring Analyzing
of the calls received

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enhances customer experience.

In this digital world, where E-commerce is booming, customers use the smart phone to make purchases more often than you even realize. Incoming phone calls are a critical component of gaining new business for a variety of companies across multiple industries. From all search-related conversions, 43% happen over the phone & 65% of businesses consider phone calls as their valuable source lead.

Unfortunately, they often go untracked & unanswered, which greatly undervalues the impact of traditional as well as digital Ads on leads and conversions. helps you to track these phone calls and enhances customer experience.

GSPL is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified

  • Marketing cost
  • is a one time loss,
  • Customer
  • is a life time loss.

Customer Experience

Since recording phone calls is a must, why not use it to benefit the customers?

Enhances entire customer journey

Consumers searching on smart phones prefer to call a business rather than fill out a web form. By giving them a phone number to click when they are ready to buy, you have already improved the customer experience.

Estimate future customer requirements

By capturing customer information on-the-fly, you get the added benefit of being able to dynamically share this insight with your sales or customer service representatives - Knowing what your customer is interested in.

Track the unanswered calls

It provides a breakdown of the missed and answered calls received by your tracking numbers. You can use this report to reach those customers, understand your peak call times and to ensure calls are being answered accordingly.

Keep a check on call quality

By recording phone calls, you’re able to determine how effective your customer service is and identify where you could use some improvement, all with the ultimate goal of boosting customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Customized occasional greetings

It allows the creation of personalized greetings and messages that can be customized according to your business needs.

Holiday configuration

Keep your customers informed about a public holiday or week-off day when they connect with you.

Marketing Spends provides a variety of powerful features that aid you in tracking the success of your marketing campaigns to ultimately improve ROI.

Tracking offline & online engagements

From traditional to digital ads, you can keep a track on all the engagements. It captures the complete marketing source that drove the call.

Prove and improve marketing ROI

You can examine and analyze each of your campaigns with unparalleled precision in order to see actual correlations between your marketing efforts and results.

Make smart business decisions can help businesses make smarter marketing decisions, which can lead to a reduction in wasteful spending and drive better ROI. Better ROI creates happy clients that stay with an business for a longer period of time.

Utilize your resources effectively

By analyzing the results of both your digital and offline efforts, you’ll be able to get a better grasp of the success of your overall marketing strategy and hence, effective utilization of resources.

Real time reports and case studies

By, you’ll be able to get a 360-degree view of customer behavior and gain a better sense of how to effectively reach your core audience.

Grow your business with

Enriched customer experience


Whispers keep the telecallers informed about the lead source thus ensuring all relevant information is passed on to the client.

Never miss a client call

With a virtual number in place, chances of missing customer call is minimal.

Mask & unmask number

Dealers have the choice to mask or unmask the number on the server. If masked: dealer gets Virtual number in the SMS if unmasked dealer gets the customer's number.

GSM connectivity

We provide GSM connectivity thus bringing the downtime close to NIL. Connectivity is as high as 99%.

Earn customer trust

When the call quality is under constant check, customer experience is enhanced automatically.

How works

Stay connected with your hot leads
  • 1

    Customer calls on the virtual number

    Customer spots the virtual number either on your website or on an advertisement and calls on the same.

  • 2

    Our server process the request

    Server processes the request & matches the virtual number with the advertiser's number, meanwhile “Welcome Message” is played.

  • 3

    Calling routing by whispers

    Server connects the call to the available sales adviser sequentially / parallelly.

  • 4

    Get comprehensive report for all calls

    A comprehensive report for all the calls received by the business owner.

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