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What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response System:

IVR stands for Interactive voice response. It is a technology that enables callers to interact with a computer-operated phone system that uses voice recognition and DTMF tones input via a keypad.

In simple words, an IVR system plays a pre-recorded voice that prompts individuals to give their responses by pressing numbers on the mobile keypad to choose an option.


How does the IVR Number System Work?

  • Customer reaches out on the business phone number provided by your website
  • They hear a greeting with pre-recorded message with further prompts them to input certain numbers via their keypad to receive corresponding outcome
  • Once the desired IVR is dialed by the customer, the process of fetching data takes place and the required information is relayed back to the caller.

Features of IVR Service

24x7 Customer Support

Customers are offered 24x7 uninterrupted support through recorded messages and their queries are instantly resolved.

Live Panel

Agents can conviniently track live calls and see real-time call logs and statistics in the live call dashboard.

Multi-level IVR

Multiple levels in IVR can be created and configured separately with brilliantly-designed call flows.

Intelligent Call Routing

Call routing intelligently routes every caller to the right department & agent so that long call queues can be excluded.

Instant Notifications

Missing a customer call means losing the opportunity to solve their problem. With real time SMS and email notifications, you can keep a track of every call your agent misses.

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Benefits of IVR Solution

Intuitive IVR

Designing a crisp Interactive Voice Response System for your customers helps them to achieve what they want at a faster... view more pace. Constructing a menu that helps the customer navigate through correct options and route their call to the dedicated department will help and ease their queries timely.

Personalised Connect

With Interactive Voice Response Number System, an enterprise can create a platform with diverse regional languages & dialects which... view more further can interact with callers and route them to desired departments. Also what an IVR does is greets the caller with their name which itself creates a lasting impression.

Customer Database

With Interactive Voice Response Solution, an enterprise can build a database in the most organic way possible. It stores every... view more transaction ever made with any customer. The agents need not find any old transactions manually connected with the customer, Interactive Voice Response System accumulates all the history associated which further helps the agent to proactively pick up the issue and efficiently converse with the customer.

Represent Your Brand

Through an Interactive Voice Response System, an enterprise can effectively blend in its brand image while interacting with... view more the customers while they call. Passing on audio notes of the tones that exactly match the brand identity is an ideal way to display the brand personality. One can leverage benefits like customising the IVR Number according to the present campaign/marketing initiatives and meanwhile monitoring, mapping and advancing on customer experience.

Recording Calls with Real-time Reports

Call logs and recordings are maintained by each customer and the status of the call (connected/not connected/missed)... view more is also documented through an Interactive Voice Response System Record all calls, maintain call logs and share the status of the call (connected/not connected/missed) on your IVR Number. Further, audits can be performed on these calls to understand if there are any deviations in the process.

A Professional Persona

With Interactive Voice Response System, an enterprise can professionally cater to the requirements of its customers.... view more What it does is takes input from the caller via a keypad, processes the request and redirects the user to a dedicated department which can solve the customer issue. This represents a predefined approach to resolve issues hassle-free and professionally.

Multi-Language Support

Customers can choose their preferred language in which they are comfortable with while deviating from the options... view more available through IVR. Enterprises can reduce language difficulties and provide satisfactory customer experience.

Increase Agent Efficiency

IVR enables agents to be more productive by systematically handling call transfers. By call monitoring... view more and recordings, agents can boost their productivity over time. This results in the overall efficiency of both agents as well as the company.

Feedback Collection

Capturing surveys and opinion polls are easier with Interactive Voice Response System . Agents can connect... view more the callers to a dedicated IVR post the completion of their calls to collect important and confidential information.

Business advantages of IVR Service provider


More lead generation

With the help of IVR, customer requirements can be easily prioritized thus ensuring more leads and customer satisfaction.

Automate customer care

Provides the customers with an option to self-serve which eliminates the need of agents to provide assistance to customer requests.

Reduce operational costs

IVR system replaces the customer service agents who answer the customer calls and direct them to respective agents, therefore reducing the operational costs of the organization.

Manage large call volumes

With the help of advanced multi-level IVR, peak hour call load can be handled by resolving the queries of multiple customers at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology utilized to automate the inbound calls by allowing businesses to interact with customers through pre-recorded voice messages with DTMF input using a keypad.

2 Which type of IVR should I use?

The utility of IVR is based on the requirements of the business you own. We can help you with figuring out the best type for your enterprise. Contact us to know more.

3 What are the different types of IVR?

There are two types of IVR

  • Single level IVR:
    This is the simplest form of IVR which lets you add a single layer of IVR to your call flow. It is generally used for simple use cases where one input is enough to connect an agent or trigger a message.
  • Multi level IVR:
    By using multi level IVR, you can use multiple layers of IVR in your call flow to streamline the workflow.

4 How can I get an IVR number?

We can assist you in getting the IVR number for your business. Get in touch with us now.

5 What does IVRS stand for?

IVRS stands for Interactive Voice Response System.

6 Why does my business need an IVR number?

Businesses use an IVR number for improving customer experience, as an IVR number takes away the need for this and gives customers the opportunity to get through to whoever they need to on their first call.

7 Can I use my old business number along with the IVR number?


8 Does MyTelly offer a Toll Free number as IVR?


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