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Call Management Solutions For Hospitality Sector

Helping hospitality industries to streamline communication processes


With the evolution of technology, a lot of verticles of our society are now working closely with it. To provide seamless customer experiences, lower down their operational cost, increase awareness and a lot many purposes majorly contribute towards an amalgamation with technology.

One such great technology is cloud telephony services which offer a wide array of solutions to enterprises to manage their operations.

By Virtual number, it means a specific telephone number which is not tied to a particular phone device/ line.

Any call made to the specific phone number will be diverted to one/more destinations.

How does it help?

A virtual number removes the physical limitation tied to a specific phone number and lets enterprises take control of how they receive calls from their customers.

Let's see how a virtual number offered by My Telly helped one of our clients from the Hospitality Industry tackle issues to a large extent.

Our client "Platinum Hotels" has a premium hotel in Gurgaon with 3 very famous in in-house restaurants. Since the hospitality industry works very fast, Our client has to be on his toes when talking about their communication with their customers. The Hospitality business/sector majorly works on "Word of Mouth" publicity and other customer reviews, the hotel cannot miss on this.

Challenges faced by the client:

The client used only one reception desk number for all incoming customer queries. Even though when there were special marketing campaigns set, the client used the same reception help desk number in it for communication.

The issue arose when the customers called the hotel on their reception desk number for making a reservation or in need to fetch details, they often found the number to be busy. Reason being, the marketing campaign had the same reception desk numbers and inquiries of customer pooled in through the same making the phone line busy at all times.

All the calls were very critical and important for the client but he was missing out on major calls because of other marketing campaigns.

With the rise of technology, reviews of every experience is captured and shared among other customers through social media. Even if a customer had to go to purchase his tiniest need, he will surely check the reviews first.

In the case of Hospitality, a customer will check the review, look at other option and to make the final call, he would connect with the hotel and converse with them to make the final decision. If the hotel fails to connect when the customer, we are passing away our customers easily to our competition and adding on negative experiences.

The business challenge faced by the client was majorly resulting in business loss. The client was unable to handle the ever-booming and dynamic customers.

The result was dissatisfied new and existing customers.

The Solution offered by MyTelly:

Since the client had only one reception desk number to receive all the customer queries, he was failing to answer important calls of customers. My Telly proposed to the client was 3 unique virtual number for the client.


How will this help?

All the 3 restaurants had one virtual number of their own.

Now if any customer will call to any respective restaurant, he will be directly connected to the Restaurant staff/Manager who will take care of the customer inquiry.

The calls will be directly routed to the mobile numbers of the hotel staff/managers.


With the use of GSM Infrastructure, We offered the client, GSM-based virtual number solution. Any incoming call on these numbers is routed directly to mobile numbers of Restaurant staff instead of reservation desk.

The receiver of the call will also be able to differentiate the virtual number calls and the campaign calls which land up due to marketing campaigns. Thus they can easily prioritize calls at the same time.

Business Impact

With the use of Respective Virtual numbers, Regular Call traffic could be easily maintained and controlled at the central reservation desk. This also took care of the customer experience and helped the client to take in each call they received.

  • Another added advantage with the virtual number was the customers who were interested to book their table at the restaurant were not waiting in the call queue anymore.
  • Their calls were answered in a jiffy as each restaurant had their number.
  • The Restaurant leads coming in before were lost to the competition because they weren't ideally answered on time but now this was not the case at all.
  • The revenue increased over the period of time with the increased table reservation and had a subsequential jump of 30% in a go!

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