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Call Management Solutions For Hospitality Businesses

Number masking solution provides confidence to all the customers for a hassle-free shopping experience.


Our client is operational in all the major cities of the country having an approx. of 2000 strong riders working with them.

Our clients business works best with proper communication between the customer and the rider to provide exceptional services while keeping the cost minimal.

Once a customer places an order from ABC online application, the most nearby rider who is free at that point of times gets placed with the order details. The rider collects the items that have to be delivered from the respective store and then delivers it to the customer.

Sounds simple right? But there are a lot more hurdles and challenges behind the scenes during this process.

Challenges faced by the client:

During the entire process from picking up the order to delivering it to the customer, the rider has to communicate to the customer on various scenarios like

  • when the rider is finding the difficulty to find the customer's address.
  • When the store/restaurant has still not made the order and there will be delays in the delivery. This is basically done by the Rider to prevent any bad reviews for him. To connect to the customer, the rider needs the customer's contact details which may or may not be the right thing always. To avoid any mishappening or prevent misuse of sensitive data, the client required a solution where the customer's numbers arent shared to the Rider.
  • The client also didn't want to go for multiple riders numbers as this was a big-time hassle to maintain at the backend.
  • The client required one centralized number wherein customers can call for their grievance/issues. One dedicated number will be easy to remember by every customer and they can easily connect for their issues.
  • They want all the call recordings, transactional SMS with SFDC integration.
  • They wanted a centralised solution wherein they will be able to communicate the customer about all the promotions they currently have at one point of time.

Solution by My Telly:

My Telly offered "Number masking" as a solution to the client. This will help the client to deliver its customers a seamless experience by ensuring that their contact information is not shared with any of their riders.


The customers will be assured that the brand keeps the customer's information safe. Also, Number masked will be used for the riders model.

How will this help?

  • We have provided them with a pool of 2000 virtual numbers and with the help of API, we’ll map customers and riders number with a single virtual number.
  • We suggested the client to go ahead with a fancy vanity mobile number for their 10 seater customer service team as its very easy to remember.
  • The client wanted to inform all the customers about their promotional schemes, so we suggested "Bulk transactional SMSs" and "IVR based voice calling" for any promotional activity for their own customer base.

Business Impact

Number masking solution provides confidence to all the customers especially female customers for a hassle-free shopping experience.

  • This solution will be able to benefit the business and safeguard their customers’ identity and will connect both the parties without revealing either party’s phone number.
  • Real-time Tracking and conversations between both the parties are now possible.
  • Vanity mobile number or Toll-free incoming call centre number will give a good impression.
  • Zero downtime of the system with all the call recordings and integration with SFDC.

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