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Call Management Solutions For Retail Sector

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They have to engage with their customers each day and manage all the operations to provide smoother customer service. They took calls of customers and diverted them to their specific retails outlets to help the customers with their queries.

Challenges Faced

The communication channel which they were presently using was scattered to perform smoother operations as there was no centralized communication channel available to use to monitor the business generated or lost through voice communication.

Problem Statement

  • There was an urgent need of a dedicated professional IVR service which will help the customer to be diverted to the right department and the customers do not have to wait in unnecessary ques to be heard.
  • They required a solution that would empower them to service their customers efficiently. For this, they wanted to deploy a single number which customers can connect to for their inquiries. They faced difficulties in contacting the clients generated through website and social media since they are using Land-line numbers
  • They wanted to track and examine the calls between their agents and customers as there was no tracking mechanism employed to monitor leads shared across the salons.
  • They had a hard time managing after office hours calls which resulted in a loss of customer base as there was no tracking available.

The Solution offered by MyTelly

My Telly created a business architecture model which comprised of individual vanity virtual mobile number for each store effectively supported by a SaaS-based application Tracko. We solved their problem of having multiple phone numbers.


We made them use one virtual phone number which could direct all support and customer queries to one place.

How Does it Work?

  • My Telly also offered them their tracking solutions which helped them perform quality checks on their employee's performance.
  • The issue which they had with missing on calls by customers after office hours were also well taken care of as the tracking features of My Telly helped the client to effectively track missed calls, understanding every detail of the customer conversations, and recording and reviewing all calls answered by their team. Tracko enables to manage and monitor the voice-based communication happening across the store from a centralized location.
  • An individual IVR was also designed for each store and calls can be mapped to the agents located in each store.

Business Impact

One single Vanity number gave better brand recognition to the client.

  • IVR options for each store gives a professional feel and sticky agent feature did enable the existing customers to talk to the concerned agent.
  • After office hours, the calls were diverted an after office IVR designed specifically for the client in order to ensure that each lead is converted into business.
  • Since all inbound/outbound calls are tracked in Tracko, A proper process can be formulated to manage the outcome of each leads shared.

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