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Call Management Solutions For Healthcare Sector

Helping healthcare industry to connect with respective set of the people for their problem solving


Healthcare is soon booming as one of India’s largest sectors which comprises of different service offerings like hospitals, health insurance, types of equipment and important health devices etc.

For better services and proper communication, the healthcare industry is also tying up with what technology has to offer to it. Connecting to its wide variety of customers, the healthcare industry is taking massive leaps with technology gradually.

"Health Watch Tele diagnostics" received a wide variety of medical assistance queries from its customers. Healthcare being so diverse in the current era, very fewer customers find proper answers to their queries.
Providing the right information which is tailor-made and also meets the patient’s requirement is always the priority of "Health Watch Tele diagnostics".

Challenges Faced

When customer/patients tried to connect with the hospital through the allocated numbers that the hospital circulated, the client got all calls on the EPBX system.

There was no track available of the calls received, calls missed, calls connected etc giving the client no idea why customers were dissatisfied by the services.

What did the client want?

The client has a reputation to be a world-class hospital offering healthcare solutions to patients who were now being distorted because of dissatisfied customers.

Years of reputation and hard work couldn’t be wasted so the client wanted a sound technology through which the patients can be connected with the correct set of healthcare assistants and get help at any moment when they require it.

He wanted to provide a tailored solution and meet the needs of its patients while adding value to it.

The Solution offered by MyTelly

Since the client was still using an older technology i.e. EPBX system, It has its limitations while automating the current processes & faced massive difficulties to manage large volumes of calls every day. What My Telly offered Virtual Numbers with Inbuilt IVR solution to the client.


The IVR menu contains different options for the patients/customers to select from to reach the desired solution or connect with the respective set of people for their problem-solving. IVR has various options like 1st option being for emergency services followed by other options like OPD etc.

How Does it Work?

  • This helped the caller to connect with the right people in times of emergency and has not to wait for the receptionist to first pick up the call and later transfer it.
  • Mobile and landline numbers of concerned teams and departments were mapped to each IVR option ensuring all the calls are attended in a timely fashion.
  • A real-time web-based dashboard was also provided to Receptionist to analyse if there are any missed or unattended calls and can effectively call on the same for better customer experience.
  • MyTelly knew that the services that they are offering to the client are more robust and offers users a friendly platform that did not require much of intervention and was much better than the conventional old technology of EPBX systems.
  • The Virtual number with IVR options will not allow to miss any calls from the customer/patients and will increase operational efficiency over time.

Business Impact

The IVR Menu helped the receptionist and now he/she is free to do other administrative tasks along with giving more attention to the walk-in patients.

  • Dedicated Vanity number gives better brand recognition to the client and helps to easily connect with the right person.
  • Quicker pick up by Emergency Response Team resulted in improving image and popularity of hospital thus adding to better customer experience.
  • 35% jump in OPD appointments due to call back by staff on missed calls.

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