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About MyTelly

MyTelly simplifies customer experiences by offering cloud telephony to clients

MyTelly.in helps to track phone calls & enhances customer experience

In this digital world, where E-commerce is booming, customers use the smart phone to make purchases more often than you even realize. Incoming phone calls are a critical component of gaining new business for a variety of companies across multiple industries.

Unfortunately, they often go untracked & unanswered, which greatly undervalues the impact of traditional as well as digital ads on leads & conversions.

MyTelly.in helps you to track these phone calls and enhances customer experience.


More about us

MyTelly offers a close-knot comprehensive cloud telephony technology to other enterprises which serve to ease out their daily customer interactions. Its robust technology supports organisations of all sizes be it SMEs or Enterprises with a highly flexible one-stop solution for all their contact centre needs.

Technology supports organisations of all sizes be it SMEs or Enterprises with a highly flexible one-stop solution for all their contact centre needs.

we simplify customer experiences by offering cloud telephony to our clients.


Our Investors

MyTelly serves distinctive clientele with moldable, personalized assistance while working with agility.



The faces behind MyTelly

Mir Muzaffar U Zaman

Chief Experience Officer

With over 14 years of corporate experience, Mir Muzaffar is a passionate business growth hacker and a successful operations leader.In the corporate world, he is well known for his fixing skills as he can prevail in all kinds of troubled waters. No matter how small or huge a problem is, Mir has it all covered.


Dr. Mohamed Rafiuddin

Vice President

Dr. Mohamed Rafiuddin is a Versatile Leader with over 24 years of track record of accelerating revenue growth, building best in the class sales organization, attracting industry-best talent for exceeding sales quotas, strong reputation among customers, industry leaders. A cultural aware performer, well-known for consistent growth & C–level relationships. A strategist for core market drivers including strategic & product planning, marketing and sales support across India, APAC & Africa.


Neeraj Rao

IT Project Manager

A dynamic, solutions-focused, team oriented IT professional with 13+ years’ experience and hands-on skill in the successful planning and implementation of networks,servers and telecom with specialization in management, troubleshooting and up-gradation. He has utilized his telecom and network specialization to setup mytelly infra. As a first member of this project with Mir, they have designed flow,website and infra for end to end connectivity for customers.

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