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Call Management Solutions For FinTech Companies

MyTelly offered one complete cloud telephony solution, to cater all the requirements stated by the client.


They have strongly established their presence in the market along with a solid customer base in the financial services sector.

They have SME agents who work as specialists for their respected industry. Every SME agent builds a strong relationship with his clients and delivers them personalized solutions.

Challenges Faced

What they required was a "Business Phone Solution".

How could it help?

A Business phone solution will support the SME agents to have personalized interactions with the client and this solution will be deeply integrating with the Leadsquared CRM.

Why do they want it?

  • Our customer "Blubear Technology Pvt. Ltd." wanted to streamline all of its communication what the agents had with the clients. Having a real-time conversation with the client was also very crucial. A traditional phone wasn't able to match up the requirements of our client as it highly bounded agents to answer a single call at a given time. What they required was a cloud telephony solution integrated with their Leadsquared CRM with many features of Automations based on API.
  • For a Fintech company, its mandatory to record and save all calls for audits & future referencing which our customer was facing issues with. What he required was a system which created mobility of all their clients through which they can reach the SME agents after hours. The system shall help also to record and log the complete conversation of both the parties. The Agent's personal number is to be masked with a Virtual Mobile Number and the same will be used for Outbound Calling as well.
  • All calls needed to be tracked and auto-logged into the Leadsquared CRM.

The Solution offered by MyTelly

To cater to all the requirements stated by the client, My Telly offered one complete cloud telephony solution. Our customer got themselves a Tracko virtual number solution (DCP) and access to analyzed call reports for timely follow-ups.


With the deployment of My Telly Virtual Number Solution, Our customer was able to map the numbers of all the SME agents to a single virtual number.

Customers can reach the SME agents by simply calling VMN business number.
With our cloud telephony solution, agents need not be at their desks at all time to pick up calls that ring on the landline. The calls automatically route to their personal mobile number which is pre-mapped to the virtual number. The customer can now seamlessly connect to the agent after work hours too.

Agents can dial these customers from Tracko and the Outbound calls are made from the same incoming mobile number for a seamless experience.

With the mobile number being mapped to the virtual numbers, the agents did not miss any calls arriving on their mobile phones. They had a track of all the incoming calls and can answer them from anywhere. Even if any call gets missed, the agent has a directory for all the missed calls which he/she can use to call back and never lose a customer. This helped the agents to retain the customers.

Business Impact

Time-saving in extracting history of the client: With the solution being well integrated with the CRM, all call history can be served to the SME agent no matter to his location. With the integration between our solution and their CRM, agents need not ask the customer again and again for their details as all the information is available at one window.

  • Thus agents can now ensure that the communication is much smoother and does not waste time in extracting information.
  • Complete savings in Capex with 100% Call Tracking: All calls received/made by agents are tracked via TRACKO and auto-logged into Leadsquared CRM.
  • 100% Logging: All calls made/received on the agents VMN get auto logged in CRM. Missed calls can be called back by the agents to ensure 100% satisfaction among customers.
  • 100% Availability: Calls connect to agents no matter if they are available at the office premises or not, since all calls get deployed on their mobiles.
  • 100% Call Tracking: All calls received/made by agents are tracked via TRACKO and auto-logged into CRM. Easy DCP (Click2Call) within the Leadsquared CRM.
  • Faster, Easier Inbound Lead Management: When a lead form is filled, the CRM+TRACKO integration will make it easy to follow up the calls quickly.

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