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Bulk OBD Solution

Another easy solution offered is an Bulk OBD which proactively calls a pre-set list of customers as mentioned by the client and communicates promotional messages, Payment reminders etc. Select your receivers and communicate your messages on the go.

Bulk OBD is a system that automatically calls a pre-defined list of customers and plays promotional messages, reminders, or one time passwords (OTP).


How Does Bulk OBD Work?

  • An audio message is recorded and a list is created which consists of the names and numbers of customers. Both of these are uploaded in the system.
  • The system automatically extracts these numbers from the system and calls each of these and plays the recorded audio file.
  • Once the calls get connected, an appropriate status gets updated in the system.
  • For the calls which are not connected, calls are made again on the specified time and date.
  • The system itself maintains reports for the following:
    • Unattended calls
    • Total calls
    • Successful/failed calls
    • Calls duration of each call connected
    • Details of what each customer has given forward during the call(DTMF Input)
    • The Particular date and time when the calls were made to the customers.

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Benefits of Bulk OBD

Smart Dialler

Takes care of your resources and proactively works in best accordance. Calling each customer couldn't have been much easier. It takes care of each call.

Multilingual Support

Communicate using a language of your choice with Route Mobile’s Voice Broadcast/ OBD. All you need to do is record a voice... view more message in your chosen language and upload the required file.

Personalise it According to Your Needs

Our system takes care of the minute details and lets your brand deliver and personalise based on your requirements.


Decreases the cost involved in hiring a human to take care of all the business needs. Just a one-time investment and your brand is good to go!

Generate New Leads

Our Outbound dialer can easily generate new leads for your business without much hassle. Also with its capabilities to easily reach a higher number... view more of customers, your brand can easily market itself within the right set of customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

1 What is OBD?

OBD is a feature with which clients can initiate multiple calls to the end customers with a recorded message or clients may also use the standard text to speech option. It is a computer-based application program designed to automate the outbound calls in an organisation. It is a cost-effective communication tool developed for call automation and dialling services.

2 What are the most salient features of this product?

  • Smart Dialer
  • Multilingual Support: English, Hindi
  • Personalise according to needs
  • Cost-efficient
  • New leads generation through automation

3 Is there any limitation to the number of prompts that can be played in a process?

No limitation

4 How can I upload prompts to be played to the customer through a process?

While preparing a campaign, you will be able to upload prompts.

5 Can I get any other general information related to OBD?

Recorded prompts and text to speech prompts can be played and same can be triggered via TRACKO web interface or an API

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