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Call Management Solutions For Education Sector

With the evolution of Technology, helping organizations for smoother flow of operations.


With the evolution of technology, a lot of verticles of our society are now working closely with it. To provide seamless customer experiences, lower down their operational cost, increase awareness and a lot many purposes majorly contribute towards an amalgamation with technology.

One such great technology is cloud telephony services which offer a wide array of solutions to enterprises to manage their operations.

A virtual number is one such service which My Telly offers to its clients. By Virtual number, it means a specific telephone number which is not tied to a particular phone device/ line.

Any call made to the specific phone number will be diverted to one/more destinations.

Our client "GuruQ" uses two telephone lines. One to make outgoing calls to its customer & others to receive incoming calls.

Challenges Faced

The Issue with our client is that since they have 2 separate phone lines to make calls, their customers mostly do not pick up calls from their outbound phone line.

Why? Because the customers tend to memorise the incoming call line number and often avoid picking up calls from unknown sources.

The second reason why their calls aren't picked up by the customers is they still use landline numbers. Landline numbers, when compared to a mobile number, have very less call pick up ratio and customers often avoid to pick them up.

The Solution offered by MyTelly

How My Telly helped "GuruQ" is by providing one single Virtual number to them for all their incoming as well as outgoing needs. All the agent's numbers are mapped with one single virtual number.


My Telly Virtual Number solution efficiently managed the clients inbound, outbound and an amalgamation of both for their customer call centre. A single virtual number solution was much easier to set up and maintain with being cost-efficient too.
It gave the client control and clarity with their operations.

How Does it Work?

  • One single number was easy to remember by all the customers and was provided to use by the client for all their interactions.
  • With the My Telly's Virtual Number, all the calls (inbound + outbound) were diverted to it without any hassle.
  • The call flow was easily customised accordingly and with an IVR attached to it which greeted customers and passed on other necessary information while the customer was on hold.
  • Since each agent's number was mapped to the one single virtual number, managing the call flows also got much easier. The calls were diverted to specific agents depending upon the inputs as put forward by the customers.
  • While the agents were making outbound calls through the MyTelly calling panel, the same virtual number was displayed to the customers.

Business Impact

Overall A smoother flow of operations, great customer experiences, better brand recall, better call pick-up ratio and better connectivity without any voice quality issues.

  • A single number gave better brand identity to the client.
  • 25% jump in counselling appointments resulting in higher revenue.
  • A Single number resulted in a greater call pick up ratio which resulted in a regular follow-up and thus improving on more conversion of leads.

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