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Call Management Solutions For Real Estate Sector

Parallel ringing or sequential calling helps the industry to make the process easier.


Businesses like Real estate and property making and new house selling companies often make up to a major segment of the economic conditions. This process of buying and selling property, therefore, needs a lot of marketing and promotional activities backed up with it to attract as many as possible eyes.

Buy/Sell/Rent is a common advertisement that we often come across through various mediums like newspapers, TV, Radio, Internet etc.

One of our clients, "Srijan Realty Pvt. Ltd" which is a leading real estate firm based in Kolkata, West Bengal. They market several residential projects in parallel. With the times changing, "Srijan Realty Pvt. Ltd" understood the worth of leveraging marketing technology in their business. But still, after churning all possible resources, they are unable to capture customers diverting in through their initiatives and miss out many calls in a day landing on virtual numbers of their existing service provider.

Challenges Faced

Our client has invested in marketing initiatives which did not fail to provide him ample sustainable leads but the issue here is the sales representatives fail to connect with the customer because they are busy on phone with other calling customers.

Since the advertisement caught the customers eyes, he immediately called the number as displayed on the ad.

The first instance where the call is connected is a successful lead as it is connected but in the second instance, the call doesn't get connected and a potential lead might be lost.

What did the client want?

The leads should be connected to the sales reps within the time frame of 30 seconds of calling.

Incoming leads are connected timely so that they aren't lost to the competitors because of the inability of the sales reps as they were busy taking other calls.

The Solution offered by MyTelly

Parallel ringing or sequential calling is an advanced technology solution provided by MyTelly to our client.


How will this help the client:

Simple enough, when a customer calls through an advertising campaign, a call will land on every agent's number at the same time.

If an agent is busy, the call will automatically get transferred to an agent who is free and can pick up the call to answer the customer and a customer will find an agent to inquire to thus finally improving customer experience and not missing out on leads.

Once an agent picks up the call, all other phones directed to agents will stop ringing automatically.

How Does it Work?

  • customer calls on the number to inquire about his doubts.
  • As soon as the customer calls, all the sales reps phones start ringing as MyTelly triggers a call to each of them in parallel.
  • An agent who is free immediately picks up the call to answer the customer.
  • Simultaneously, the calls stop ringing on other numbers as the call has been picked.

Business Impact

The IVR Menu helped the receptionist and now he/she is free to do other administrative tasks along with giving more attention to the walk-in patients.

  • Parallel ringing ensured that all the customer calls are picked up within 30 seconds which not only helped in preserving all potential leads but also improved customer experience.
  • The customer doesn't have to wait in the long queues, get irritated and probably end the call and call the competitor to get his inquiry answered.
  • 50% jump in the connected calls which eventually leads to higher revenue.

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